As Featured on Fertility Authority – Some Medical Tips for You

I was definitely not prepared for all of the medical appointments I would have to go to. I had no idea that I would be at the doctor up to three times per week. I had no idea how many shots I would need during my treatments. I like to keep it real and am hoping that these 8 tips will be helpful to you. I wish I had these!

  1. At your appointments, write down what the doctor is saying to you. You won’t remember. This is a very emotional and overwhelming process with a lot of new medical words!
  2. Videotape the nurse giving you injection instructions. You will get home and not remember what to do. Plus, it’s really important that you are extremely accurate with administering the medications.
  3. If you cannot give yourself the shots (I could not), be sure to have the person who will give you your shots attend your doctor’s appointments with you or if he/she cannot attend, then the video you took will be that much more important.
  4. Call your RE (reproductive endocrinologist aka your fertility doctor) if you have ANY questions at all. We had the cell phone number of our RE and definitely called her a few times to make sure we were doing the shots right. If you do not have a way to reach your RE after hours, then you don’t have the right RE.
  5. 5 minutes before taking your shots, ice your lower stomach area. I sometimes put ice on right after the shots too for the ones that burned.
  6. Wear loose clothes during treatment. Your stomach area will be sensitive and bruised. I wore a lot of dresses and didn’t wear pants for a year.
  7. My dog sat next to me while my husband gave me my shots. She was my sweet, loving nurse. She definitely helped me!
  8. My husband had chocolate chip cookies or sweets ready for me after giving me my shots. (This is not a medical tip per se, but it helped me)!!

Thank you to Fertility Authority for featuring this article!



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