"Gregg and Emily have been a crucial source of support for my husband and me during our journey. Their knowledge and familiarity with the issues combined with their personal experience make them the ideal support system for those undergoing IVF and surrogacy. Their openness about their own struggles and passion and understanding for what others go through during their journey is invaluable. I would not want to go through this journey without Gregg and Emily." – Intended Parent 


"My husband and I recently retained Greggory Field to represent us with our intended parent/egg donor contract. Infertility treatments are stressful enough, add in a third party, and it can be completely overwhelming. Gregg was wonderful in explaining our rights, the contract and making sure we were completely comfortable with our contract. He was very flexible with his schedule as we Skyped to review the contract at 7pm! At one point we had a miscommunication with our clinic and donor agency, and Gregg promptly stepped in to navigate the situation for us and it was resolved immediately. We highly recommend Gregg for his compassion and knowledge of third party and reproductive law." – Intended Parent


"Gregg Field was one of the brightest spots in our egg donation/surrogacy journey. Even when the path got bumpy and difficult, he was generous with his time and compassion. His kindness and support, both practical and emotional, made a real difference." – Intended Parent


"We wanted to thank you both again for taking the time to talk with us last night. It’s not only comforting to talk to people who have gone through surrogacy before, but the wealth of knowledge you guys have makes us feel so much more confident about the whole situation" – Prospective Intended Parents



"When my husband and I began our surrogacy journey, we had so many questions, concerns, and needed to be able to talk to someone who has been there firsthand. I first spoke with Emily at the very beginning, when we were just starting to interview agencies and understand how this process worked. I've known Emily for a long time as a friend, and I knew that she would be the best person I could possibly open up to about our journey. I trust her completely, both her knowledge and advice, as well as knowing anything we spoke about would remain confidential and between us. Emily is incredibly passionate and devoted to helping other families understand the process. We started out knowing very little, and she spent hours walking me through the process from the beginning. She helped us think of questions to ask when interviewing agencies. She was very open and honest about her own journey, which made discussing topics like hormone shots, egg retrievals, and embryo transfers comfortable and easy to understand as it applies to surrogacy. She gave us advice about what to look for when reviewing surrogate profiles and important factors to consider. She had an amazing experience with her own surrogate, and they are still extremely close now. She continues to check in with us to see how everything is progressing and to offer her advice and guidance.  Emily is a valuable part of our team in this journey, and I am so glad I was able to confide in her and ask every question we could think of. She is devoted, knowledgeable, kind, trustworthy, and a true friend." – Prospective Intended Parent


"Emily has made a horribly difficult time in my life more bearable! Her optimism and positivity is contagious. Even when I am feeling at my lowest, she has a way of calming me down and making me feel like everything is going to be ok. She is so knowledgeable about the whole process from start to finish and brings up questions that you haven't thought about in order to help the process go smoothly. During this journey she has become a dear friend and someone who is very important in my life. Emily is an amazing advocate and someone I would highly recommend to anyone!" – Intended Parent


"The surrogacy process can be very overwhelming and was a total unknown for me. Connecting with Emily provided much needed support and peace of mind. It is reassuring to know there is someone who has been in my position and who I can turn to with little and big questions and concerns. Not only is Emily immediately responsive and available if I reach out to her, she consistently checks in with me. Sometimes it can be hard to ask for help, or even know that you need help or have a question of concern on your mind. But, Emily makes sure to just let you know she is there and thinking of you and your journey. Emily listened to me and supported me through various stages of the process, answering questions about what I should do in a match meeting or what to look for in a surrogate. Her generosity of time and spirit make her an ideal guide, mentor and confidante."  – Intended Parent  


"As my husband and I were even digesting the thought of surrogacy, I became connected to Emily through a friend's mommy blog. She was so gracious to help a complete stranger; willing to discuss a fairly intimate and personal process with honesty and compassion. She spent an hour with my husband and me, explaining the nuts and bolts of the process, and offering us suggestions on how to make surrogacy a positive experience for everyone. She and I check in monthly, where she continues to serve as a resource and coach. Surrogacy can be an incredibly overwhelming process and Emily has helped me make informed decisions and get excited about the journey!" – Intended Parent



"We hired Gregg to go over our gestational carrier contract. He took the time to make sure we understood everything and offered insight and helpful edits. He was quick to respond to questions and is always patient. From the beginning, Gregg makes you feel like he’s on your team. He’s knowledgeable and easy to work with." – Intended Parent


"Mr. Field is my surrogate attorney. He has been very helpful, thorough, and over all very professional. He immediately made me feel comfortable with my journey becoming a surrogate. Mr. Field has been through his own journey of becoming a parent via surrogate. He answered all my questions. We reviewed everything step by step. Mr. Field is very prompt. As a client, I felt he had me on his priority from day one. I highly recommend Mr. Gregg Field to represent you in this wonderful journey." – Surrogate Client


"Gregg was so delightful to work with! Gregg was personal caring, compassionate and very informative! I received beneficial information from Gregg that other lawyers did not provide to me and I feel that Gregg has my best, personal interest in mind. I would definitely recommend Gregg." – Surrogate Client


"I worked with Gregg for my surrogacy contract. He was really great to work with! Super flexible with my schedule and met when I was able! Very easy to talk to about contracts and super knowledgeable!" – Surrogate Client



"Working with Gregg during my surrogacy journey was so comforting. He was very accommodating and took the time to make sure I thoroughly understood everything. He even make some suggestions that I didn’t think about and gave advice on ways I can make the journey easier, not just for me but also for my intended parents. During the legal process, it’s easy for surrogacy to feel like a business transaction, but Gregg made it so much more than that. He made me feel calm, excited and very appreciated for the journey I was taking on, which put away any worries I had with ease. You can tell he genuinely cares." – Surrogate Client



"Gregg represented me throughout my journey as a surrogate. I had so many questions and concerns throughout this process, and Gregg handled each with patience and professionalism, advocating for my best interested at every moment throughout the process. He is ethical, knowledgeable and genuinely dedicated to the well-bring and protection of his clients. I was SO impressed by Gregg, and extraordinarily grateful for his support and representation. His advocacy was paramount in my having a safe and comfortable surrogacy journey. I would, without hesitation, recommend Gregg Field to any and every person seeking an honest, intelligent and experience legal representative." – Surrogate Client


"Gregg is amazing and very passionate about what he does. With his personal experience it made me feel 10x better that he understand surrogacy. He took his time explaining everything in the contract page by page and made sure I understood everything. He’s quick to answer back and was still willing to help on something that wasn’t really a legal issue. He takes that extra step that many won’t to keep updated throughout the journey." – Surrogate Client


"Gregg was and is VERY helpful! He has vast knowledge of the surrogacy field. He actually cares about his clients. Even though we are finished with the contract phase he still wants updates as I go through my journey!" – Surrogate Client


"Mr. Field was more than I could have asked for in a surrogacy attorney. He was always very caring and kind, and very prompt with his services. When time was of the essence, he even went above and beyond, and in my personal case, stayed late to make sure things got done in time. I will always be grateful to him for his services AND kindness." – Surrogate Client


"Gregg was very helpful with explaining all the legal information in our contract. He makes you feel like more than just a client. He also kept in touch along my Surrogacy Journey. [Gregg and Emily] seem to be just as excited about the Journey as we are" – Surrogate Client


"Gregg was very easy to work with! He thoroughly went over every part of my contract and explained everything in a way I could understand. He answered all questions and was very attentive to a couple things that needed to be addressed. He was very efficient time wise too!" – Surrogate Client


"Gregg was great to work with, and helped me get the contract I needed. He has great insight to the surrogacy process and I am so glad I had him as my lawyer."


"Mr. Field was more than I could have asked for in a surrogacy attorney. He was always very caring and kind, and very prompt with his services. When time was of the essence, he even went above and beyond, in my personal case, and stayed late to make sure that things got done in time. I will always be grateful to him for his service AND his kindness." – Surrogate Client


"Gregg, thank you so much for taking the time to explain all of the nuances of the contract to us tonight. I know I asked a lot of questions, and I appreciate your patience. We entered our conversation feeling uninformed and unclear on many aspects of this process, but you definitely helped clarify things for us. It is a blessing to know that you are intimately familiar with this process as well, and we are thankful to have you assisting us." – Surrogate Client


"Gregg was so delightful to work with! Gregg was personal caring, compassionate and very informative! I received beneficial information from Gregg that other lawyers did not provide to me and I feel that Gregg has my best, personal interest in mind. I would definitely recommend Gregg." – Egg Donor Client


"I’ve gone through the egg donation process several times with several different lawyers, but Gregg went above and beyond to ensure that I felt knowledgeable about the contract; he was friendly and accommodating for any needs and requests I made throughout the cycle. Unlike other lawyers, Gregg set up a face time consult so I was able to see that a real person was guiding me through the process. It was the first time I had met with a lawyer face-to-face. Exceptional work." – Egg Donor Client


 "Greggory was my attorney with an egg donor. I went into the process knowing very little. Greggory explained everything to me every step of the way. He listened to my concerns and explained the legalities. He made a difficult situation easy, painless and smooth. I’m so glad I chose to hire Greggory." – Egg Donor Client


"Gregg was my lawyer for an egg donation I did a couple of months ago. He made the whole process very simple and straightforward and addressed every single concern I brought to him regarding the contract. He was able to answer all my questions and explain any terms of the agreement I didn’t understand in a very clear and concise manner. I truly felt he had my best interests at heart and that he cared about making me feel completely comfortable with the contract and the whole egg donation process. If I ever do another donation, I definitely want Gregg to be my lawyer again. Thank you, Gregg!" – Egg Donor Client


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