Surrogates are Angels

When our doctor first told us that we would need to find a surrogate to help us have the child of our dreams, it was very hard to wrap our heads around it. Another woman, a stranger, would carry our most precious thing in the world? How could we possibly trust someone to do this for us?  And, most importantly, who are these women who become surrogates? I've found out... surrogates are angels! Period. I can say it with conviction because my husband and I are finally parents thanks to our amazing surrogate Melissa.

We felt a connection with Melissa and her husband from day one. But, this connection only grew throughout the process and pregnancy. I can say that I truly love my surrogate, her husband, her two kids, and her parents. And that my husband and my mom feel the same way. They have become part of our family.

In the delivery room, our surrogate’s husband turned to my husband and said that he cannot wait to be at our daughter’s wedding. And, he will definitely be there! And hopefully, have a dance with her too.

My mom wrote a poem for our angel surrogate that I wanted to share:

Angels really do exist on earth

We finally have the proof

Because of you, Melissa

A baby will soon be under our family’s roof

After 3 years of inseminations and IVF

Numerous procedures, disappointments and tears

A miracle has actually happened

We can finally switch our gears

Your gift to our family is just priceless

Your generosity is beyond compare

You are filled with goodness and selfless love

These wonderful traits are so very rare

You have made Emily and Gregg so happy

Loving parents they can now be

You opened your amazing heart to us

And embraced us all with your surrogacy

All of our dreams for a baby

Can now come true

This has only happened

Because of you

One person can make such a difference

With one very generous act

Melissa, you are an inspiration to us all

I know this for a fact

Saying “thank you” just doesn’t seem good enough

We are so deeply grateful to you

Happiness and good health is our wish

For you and your beautiful family too!

My husband and I will never be able to thank our surrogate enough for giving us our precious daughter!


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