Choosing the Right Reproductive Endocrinologist for You

After a year of trying to conceive on our own, our OBGYN sent us to Dr. Snunit Ben-Ozer at the Tree of Life Center. We knew very little about her, but trusted the referral.  Turns out that she was the perfect doctor for us on our journey to our baby! We got a second opinion throughout our journey, but felt that we were in the right hands to begin with. And, this became especially clear when our journey led us to surrogacy. Dr. Ben-Ozer told us that she would not clear a surrogate who she would not use for herself. In surrogacy, there is very little that the intended parents can control. But, we trusted our doctor. We knew that her evaluation of our surrogate would not just be a medical one, but she would also take the time to personally get to know her and assess her. Dr. Ben-Ozer called me right after she did her exam of our surrogate and said – she is the one! We trusted Dr. Ben-Ozer more than anyone. Having her sign-off was extremely important to us and made us feel so much better.

She was the right Reproductive Endocrinologist for us. We didn’t feel like a number at her clinic. We got to know Dr. Ben-Ozer as a smart, particular, strong, warm and passionate doctor. We built a terrific relationship with her throughout the years we were with her. We had her personal cell phone number and could call her anytime. She held my hand on my way into a surgery. She did a prayer with us after every IUI and embryo transfer. We love her. And we trusted her.


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