Commonly Asked Questions from Prospective IPs

Here is a list of some of the most common surrogacy questions I get asked. Feel free to contact me for a FREE consultation!

  • How do I find a qualified surrogate?
  • What's most important in choosing my surrogate?
  • How long can it take to find a surrogate?
  • How long can the whole journey take?
  • What are the benefits of working with a surrogacy agency?
  • What should I ask a surrogacy agency?
  • How much does surrogacy cost?
  • What are the legal contracts? What types of issues are common in a surrogacy contract?
  • How does insurance work?
  • How do I handle abortion and selective reduction?
  • Where is my baby born?
  • How do I build strong communication and a good relationship with my surrogate during the pregnancy and after the birth?

Field Fertility is a legal and consulting business. We represent Intended Parents, Surrogates, Egg Donors and Embryo Donors in the legal aspects of assisted reproduction. We’ve been in your shoes and are here for you. We do FREE consults.


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