Embryo Transfer Day with Your Surrogate

I had had my own (unsuccessful embryo transfer) so I kind of knew what to expect on the day that my surrogate was going to be implanted with my embryos. But in actuality, I really didn’t know much. So, I put together a short and sweet list of things to know, think about and do on your embryo transfer day!

  1. Be there! You definitely do not want to miss out on the day that your embryo(s) is transferred into your surrogate! It’s magical.
  2. Take as many photos and videos as you can.
  3. Know that your surrogate’s partner will, and should, be in the room with all of you.
  4. If your embryos are frozen, there is a RARE possibility that your RE may not want to use that embryo after being de-thawed.
  5. The whole process doesn’t take that long. But, your surrogate will need to lay there for a little bit after the transfer is done.
  6. Bring a gift for your surrogate. Most likely she will be on bed rest after the transfer. Some ideas for you are: magazines, snacks, candle, comfy socks, gift card for dinner so that her partner can easily get dinner for their kids, games/crafts for her kids and a handwritten card from you to her.
  7. Talk to your RE after the transfer and figure out if there is a time frame on day 10 that you will be getting a call with the pregnancy test results. And, be sure to talk to your RE about who then tells your surrogate. Will you do it? Will you RE do it? Will it be different if it’s a positive test versus a (don’t even want to mention it) negative test?
  8. STAY BUSY for the 10 day wait from the transfer to the pregnancy blood test! It’s HARD. My husband and I decided to do something fun each night and go out to a different restaurant. So, think of what fun things you want to do to stay busy and distracted!


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