First Uterine Transplant in the US

This weekend it was announced that the first uterine transplant was done in the U.S. It will be amazing to follow the story as it develops over the next couple years when doctors will likely be able to implant an embryo into these patients who received the uterine transplant to help the patient become pregnant and move towards motherhood.  So, why do this instead of surrogacy? Sadly, in several states surrogacy is illegal; a terrible legal limitation to those struggling to start a family and limiting those angels willing to help. Without surrogacy, we would not have our daughter. Additionally, due to religious or personal beliefs surrogacy may not be an option. And, of course, the patient may want to be pregnant herself and experience the pregnancy. Through this medical break-through she likely will be able to. With this advancement, we can certainly also see the likelihood of uterine transplants happening in the future with someone born with the medical determination as male.  This certainly expands the options of ways in which to have a family with of course the associated costs, risks and time involved, which includes waiting for an organ donor.


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