How Did I Get Through It

In reflecting on my difficult journey to our baby, I've been asked  - how did I get through it? If I had to sum it all up it would be:

My husband and his unconditional support and love 

  • My mom who was a rock to me throughout 
  • The daily prayers my Grandma did every day for three years for us  An incredible fertility doctor who cared about me like I was her sister  
  • A vacation to get away for a little  
  • Having the financial resources to move on everything quickly and not have to wait 
  • A terrific surrogacy agency 
  • An incredible attorney  
  • An ANGEL of a surrogate and her family  
  • Perseverance 
  • Taking it one step at a time  
  • Allowing myself to be emotional and breakdown but to TRY to not let it consume me 
  • Staying as positive as I could (that's where the one step at a time came into play. If I knew I was constantly taking steps, then I felt I was at least always trying to do something) 
  • Celebrating my friend’s when they got pregnant and attending/planning their baby showers (I figured it was good baby vibes even though they were VERY hard) 
  • My dad in heaven.


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